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Teenage Recoil

Until recently this was named Die young. Just didn't make the cut for obvious reasons.
This was along with Feed U the last song written for the album. A track that came together at the "boot camp" in SBG last year. Most of the lyrics were written laying in a hammock right outside the studio.
The whole song was a little infected by overlistening to the first two Xymox records.
Another one of the songs were Rico had a lot of cool input.
The untuned piano on the end was recorded at Rico's place with the TV turned on loud in the background.
It was close to being a ritual having Ricky Lake on for everyday morning entertainment.
Like a true American white trash breakfast. At least that's what you are hearing in the back. Her babbling away about some teens growing up way too fast.
The song works as a reminder for never letting go of the kid inside of you.



My favourite hellhole of a city, Los Angeles triggered me to write Hollywood.
To me this is all about those tiny vulnerable moments of pure happiness. Only last a few seconds, but makes everything feels right. Meaning sometimes you see through all the layers of bullshit, the dirt and all the cheap lies.
For some reason I get that feeling more often in LA than in any other place.
Makes the city of angels, really a city of angels.
Yeah right! you might say.  but Hey. I know so well.
Erik is playing a bigass vibrophone on the 3. verse.
Also a neat sounding guitar part on the second verse that came out of nothing. A real coincidence. Chris recorded one part, and Magnus Robocop from the band Gaate did one. Together it was just perfect.


Famous last words

You might know that I hate long goodbye's and cheesy endings. Here's one for you.
I also have a passion for cheap hotels. Don't even have to be a one star to please me. You can't beat the real thing.
I put the finishing touch to all the lyrics on a trip to Milan, Italy last year.
Had a struggle to finish off a verse on FLW. But in this enviroment it all came together.
AC Milan beat Real on San Siro in Champions league that week. I was ringside with VIP tickets.
I got a lot of lyrics written those two weeks.
The depth of Famous last words changed a lot when I lost a good friend of mine earlier this year.
He was a writer.
Even though this was recorded months before, it's all in memory of him.
I long had a feeling something was gonna happen to somebody I knew. I just didn't know to who.
I think it was a real brave thing that the record company agreed on releasing it as the first single.


Erotic saints

I needed to get away for a few weeks. I am fortunate to have friends all over the place and I got offered this flat in the posh part of Hamburg.
Spending the days underground taking the metro, walking around the city with a minidisc in my pocket and writing stuff. Reperbahn is as always bound to be good influence.
There were made several versions of the song. Actually one of them was really heavy and sounded really cool. It's gonna come out redemed as a new song for the next album.
Lyricly it's basicly says that taking one day at a time can be a good way to live your  little life. Not digging too deep. You might get buried.
Not every question deserves an answer.
And not every question has one.
Not much politics in this one.. More like have lots of "unprotected" sex!
You know what I mean.. :) Just don't care too much.


Idiot music

You can't really listen to radio in Norway. It sucks so bad. And the "analysts" deciding what to A list, B list and what to dump, are all miserable incapable fuck heads. Trend before truth. Cool before quality.This was how the title came to me.Though the songs is really about something complitely different. About the things you never did that you really should have. It doesn't hurt you to take a few chances along the way you know. Sick of yourself not having the guts to follow through.Actually we kept lots of the first demo recordings on Idiot. Lots of times recreating a sound is not easy, and lot of times you end up using the original sounds. Just because it has a freshness and that edge that sometimes get lost on the way.Believe it or not.The chunk guitars on the verses are actually an acoustic guitar through a Sans amp plug in. So are the weird guitars on the break down.


stop the noise

Wherever I go I carry this little portable sequenzer made by Roland called PMA. A great tool for writing songs. I first got it for the Radiowaves album with Seigmen. Meaning it's pretty much out of date these days. Still I love the simplicity of it. And the fact that it's almost pocket size. Much of the first STN demos came out of that box. All the synthetic sounding toms that works as the percussive element  you hear on the final version is all PMA.Lyrically is more about screaming out for help than anything else. A cry out for making all the shit inside go away. The getaway from modern life. All the stress. All the distortion around you. And a desperate need to let go of your own expectations of yourself.


feed you with a kiss

The verses on Feed actually belong to another song. We played around with the bassnotes and totally changed the whole vibe on it. Using a bass-synthesizer  pedal to get more of the subfeel. I think Noralf even recorded real bells for this one.. Might have been Hollywood..I don't remember. Anyway they were a little over the top and was left out in the mix.We recorded a grand piano too in Polar in Stockholm, but it actually sounded pretty crap. We ended up using some cheesy preset on Rico's Yamaha. The guitar stuff on the outro which is all Chris's experience pedal was meant for the first verse. But was messing up the vocal, so we moved it to the very end of the song. Even though it's a slow one, it sure is the closest you ever gonna get to hear Alex rapping.


lamp halo

One of the first songs written for ZZXZX. It sure has had lots of makeovers since the first version.With a little help from our German friends "the Keller family", we actually decided to change the chords plus new vocal lines for the prechorus and chorus the day we were to record the vocals. Meant we also had to go through a new session of re-recording guitars and bass.All worth it though.Pretty melodic even for a ZMR song. Often when things tend to get a little too sweet we pull out the bullet mic. Originally made for harmonica's, but using it on vocals is such a cool treat. It has an extremely crisp and crunchy distorted sound it.On several songs we used some funny vocal plug ins. One called the Deca buddy. There were some really neat stuff on Lamp, but they got lost on the way to the mix. Have no idea how that happened.


mosquite coil

First song written for the album.In a bungalow somewhere in Thailand. Adore the cool guitars Chris did on this one. Squeeky but catchy.  Recorded at his dad's place in Atlanta, Georgia. For some dumb reason the ZMR pimpmobile is still parked there at the house behind a big stable.The bridge on Mosquito was originally an outro. But we thought it was way too cool for an end, therefore we moved the part to an earlier spot.We recorded lots of demo drums in a garage outside SBG, and on Mosquito we kept some of these on the first part of the verses. Actually just put up two mic's in there, compressed the shit out of it and it sounded great.The lyrics are a mess. I don't even wanna start trying to explain. . .


Blood music

Chris sent me an instrumental piece with the verses and the prechoruses. I came up with the simple vocal lines inbetween the guitar chunks.The choruses I came up with when I was out driving. I used to have a car at the time without a stereo. Which is a good thing to me. I always come up with cool stuff when I'm driving in silence. Then I have to break it up with my own voice. More screaming than humming usually. When I listen to Blood now I totally get the feeling of sitting behind the wheel cruising. Easy to speed up a little when it comes on. Love the breakdown part. Something that Rico came up with. And then when we had Magnus from the band Gaate recording some parts, we made him double the part by tapping it on the guitar.Blood was an alternative as the opener of ZZYZX, but ironically it ended up last.


Sinners International

Sinners international

We wanted the title of the album to hit you at once. Hence ?Sinners International? being the first tune. We think of it as the anthem for this album. Some of the lyrics on the album have been inspired by the infamous religious cult called ?Family International?.
In this track you hear the deceased leader, David Berg talking about beautiful people and beautiful sex. The mellotron on the chorus, the programmed hook on the verse and the repeating ?spelling god backwards? leading up to the choruses.  It all blending the organic and the electronic feel that ZMR always thrive for. 

Doppelg?nger I love you

This song was recorded in 2007 and released as a very limited single on our own record label, Pleasuredisc. It's you staring into the mirror after fucking it up again. Looking into the eyes of your better half. We feel the video for the song really reflects the energy, the pulse and the decadence of the song.
The big choruses that ZMR is quite recognizable by, is produced somewhat different on this track. It's dirtier and more edgy and it just felt perfect underneath the vast set of vocals.

My Little Tragedy

When we first made the demo for ?My Little Tragedy?, we knew it either would turn out terrible or really great. It's one of those tracks you need to do everything right unless you fail big time. The synth hook that kicks off the track is actually from a a little portable sequenzer I always carry around. It's basically made up of cheesy sounds, but sometimes they end up
being the real thing. We simply love the string synths from the late seventies and early eighties. Here it gives the chorus a nice airy feel that puts everything in place.


It sounds like love (but it looks like sex)

This is the most in-your-face track on the album.
It's one of the songs we have tested out on the crowd at previous shows and festival gigs. It turns out fantastic every time. And we have to admit it's a thrill when singing out loud on ?Sex?, the audience is singing a long too, even though they never heard the song before.
It was written already 7 years ago. It just needed the right timing creeping out of it's shell.


Filthy Noir

This track changed completely from the early demo version. We wanted the heavy guitars to lean on the keyboards, creating what we think is a cool and interesting sound. The lyrics are definitely about taking the necessary risks in life and stating up to what's ordinary. That's also what we feel we did to this song, taking it in another direction than we had in our minds.
Still it's not an upbeat track it's really moving nicely forward due to the drums, and then especially the pushy hi-hat.



You got two alternatives here.
Either you're thinking the world is an insane place, and you feel that you need to detach from it.  Or it's basically the feeling you get when you walk around with your Ipod listening to music. Feeling outside of everything and just watching everyone from your invisible self.
This is one of the tracks that runs back to the first demo's recorded in 2005. It was made in a cosy homemade studio right by the ocean. You can really feel the breeze in the air down at the beach on this one.


Im yours to loose

>Here we turn the tables around saying the quite opposite of I'm yours to keep. The lyrics are all about hurt and deceit. It's sort of a classic ZMR track with the synth riff on top of fierce guitars and a big vocal chorus. Like all the other tracks on this album, everything is recorded and mixed by ourselves. We are immensely proud of that knowing how complicated it is to combine a rock sounding band with programming. ?I'm Yours To Lose? also exists as a CD single in a very limited edition.


Two Skulls

Slightly inspired by maybe the biggest pioneers in the industrial scene, Ministry. It really has the feel of riding a big motorcycle, and it always brought smiles to our faces commenting on it during recording.
This has the holy matrimony as a backdrop. Just taking the irrevocable words a little further. Saying even death won't do as apart. Two skulls - One soul.

Imaginary Friends

This was originally written for the ?ZZYZX? album, but we felt it just did't match, and decided we'd save it for later.
Weird enough one of the earliest versions had the Erotic Saints lyrics and melody.
The demo was recorded during some crazy summer months in a small industrial city across the fjord from where we live. Much of the programming is actually kept the way it was done in the first place. The shaker you hear is actually a Pringles can filled with dead bugs.



Ammonites are extinct marine animals. All we know of them are found through fossils.
The title was chosen due to the lyrics being about separation and grief. You get dumped and all you do getting through the hard times are thinking of the person leaving you as dead to the world. But still you have things around everywhere as painful reminders. The idea of having Norwegian lyrics ending the record is not accidental. It certainly gives the final a certain twist.


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